This website was built with .NET 5 and Angular 12. The blog posts are stored with MongoDB and the pages are statically prerendered via Angular Universal (go ahead, turn your JavaScript off).


Cross-platfor, IPFS based peer-to-peer data transfer and storage platform built on Angular. Currently on hiatus.

Orbit Chat

Decentralized chat web app built with IPFS and OrbitDB. It functions without a backend server, using purely P2P Websockets.

Background Terminal

Background Terminal is a Windows application that allows you to put a virtual terminal on your Desktop background, which visually integrates well with Rainmeter.

Moe Pomodoro

Moe Pomodoro is a demo of Blazor w/ WebAssembly. It's a simple Pomodoro app, but it was built without JavaScript.

Dynamic Particle Simulator

Dynamic Particle Simulator is a web application designed in conjunction with particle-render.js for writing and visualizing N-body simulations, as well as galactic collisions.


Framr is a web app that uses FFmpeg compiled to WebAssembly to give videos a fancy frame, and it runs entirely in the browser, without any server rendering.


Sparkr is a simple but useful web application to help developers come up with new app ideas by combining public API's.


Notifyer is a Google Chrome extension for setting alerts when certain words are mentioned in Google Meets.


Pixelmatic is a Windows application for retrieving pixel data from your screen quickly and easily.

Particle Render

Particle Render is a node package for easily developing simple particle simulations on a Canvas, allowing the user to simply specify the initial system state and a timestep function without having to deal with WebGL or shaders.


CoreMeter is a NuGet package for creating "background style" applications on Windows.

Vimium Standard

User Script to return Vimium functionality to Standard Notes.